Sophomore Year : Finished.

I survived my sophomore year!!

Aye!  Today is my last day of finals - and I am officially finished my sophomore year.  How should I put it in words?  Relieved, and glad, probably the right words for expressing my feeling.
Sophomore year in Faculty of Psychology, University of Padjadjaran was somehow life-challenging.  I had some subjects with different methods of learning:

  • Eksperimen Lanjutan - was the highlight of this 4th semester.  We had to make two experiments.  My group was looking for the correlation between time perspective with music genres, and the effect of branding to the intention of purchasing.  It was pretty fun, and tiring at the same time.  We had to write papers about it (theories, methods of experiment, etc.), gathered the experiment data, and so on.  Fortunately my group friends were very cooperative, and they just suited the flow we were working with.
  • Psychology of Management - was the most depressing subject in this 4th semester.  Actually, the method of learning was fun - all of the Psychology of Industry and Organizations are rock (the real definition of young at heart).  The midterm test was a hell, and it was just so hard to comprehend.  But, I am relieved that the final was not as bad as the midterm, plus the final project was pretty fun tho (making a short movie about Jatinangor).  Hopefully I get a good grade for this one (at least, C - I won't complain) !
  • Introduction to Psychodiagnostic - Personally, I like this subject because we have to wear formal clothes (a bit irrelevant, I know).  We learn about giving instruction for psychological test, and learn a bit of the interpretation of the tests. Fun, I know.
  • Forensic Psychology  - Probably one of my dream subject came true - but not as fun as I expected.  The learning method was a bit boring, presentation by students (this is not effective, fyi), but the fun part was we visited local prison and did some interview.  It was a lifetime experience.
Through all of the ups and downs of my sophomore year, I did learn a lot of new things for my life.  I am really grateful for having good friends around me, the far ones are still in contact, but the mere presence of the near ones are indeed needed.  Also, have I told you that I am part-time working as a waiter (and barista occasionally) at the local coffee shop in Jatinangor?  Through part-time I learn how to manage my priority (which I am still suck at it), and use my time wiser (which I am still trying to).  The partners and boss(es) are fun, friendly, and they know I am working to learn.  Seriously one of the best part of my sophomore year.

So it's officially holiday, I am planning to make some journals, and bake!  Plus, I have joined the AFS National Orientation committee, surely this is gonna fun (because I am gonna meet new people).

And... You know how much I love making lists, right?  So here is my June's current addiction lists:

Current earcandies :
My recommendation is Brika.  Her songs are just so catchy, and addictive.

DMT - xxyyxx

Expectations - Brika

Mumbai - Brika

 Left Alone (ft. Chet Faker) - Flume

Current Eyecandies :
Zoe Suen.  A fashion blogger from Hong Kong, and sometimes based in London.  Her trademark is the casual (yet reaaaaaaally stylish) style.  The blog is really simple, with the beautiful photographs (mostly taken by her father).  Here's to her blog, and here's to the interview from The Raw Book.
Oh, and she makes playlist on her Soundcloud, and video blogs too! (I really lover her Tokyo Video Blog).

 Current Addiction :
  • Cooking using rice cooker - I made Macaroni and Cheese, Instant Macaroni Soup, Mashed Potato using rice cooker!  As a college student, it's an achievement!  Will make a step by step post later :)
  • Saving subtitles screenshots
  • Doing nothing
Ahnyways, happy fasting for those who are celebrating Ramadhan!  And happy holiday!


{Pause From the Routine}

//Currently craving for another sweet-avoidance-escape//

June.  Finals, deadlines for papers, anything that can make my hair keeps falling off - which makes me depressed every time I sweep the floor.  The sense of holiday is too strong, and I, myself, can not wait to have my new activity (this holiday's : AFS' re-orientation & orientation).
At this moment, I kinda question myself about what am I actually wanna do, or to be soon.  I even question my own capability and ability(ies) in so many things.  I wish I could do that, I wish I had time to do that, I want to learn it, etc.  Those thoughts keep distracting me from the fact that I have so many theories to memorize, words to arrange for my Forensic Psychology paper, and so on.

Museums, Bosscha, mountain, sea, home, anywhere I want to be away from these college routine.

I know, I am complaining in this post but seriously, I need my holiday already.
Well, I already do since the second week of this fourth semester.
Good luck for finals, people.
And have a great holiday,


Over-sized Sweater / Sunset

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, I was doing my Management task with friends.  Surprisingly, we have this beautiful spot in Jatinangor.  The sunset was the prettiest thing, the sand, the road.  It was such an unusual way to spend your weekend.

I was wearing Afif's sweater, because it was very comfy, over-sized, matched with sneakers & leggings -- definitely my favorite kind of outfit.  He was kind enough to let me wear his sweater for some days, I even asked him to give it for me! Lol, no.  But the pictures were good, and I kinda love the sweater (and pictures) so I thought it was worth to post.

Currently re-thinking about my fashion blog plan,
Should I start establishing it?

What I Wore:

Sweater : Afif's (ask him where he bought it!)
Leggings : Unbranded
Sneakers: Convers
Tote Bag : From Holland

Pictures were taken by Juliastika P.
Edited by Me.


Sunset Chasers & Stargazers


  1. Happy birthday Aliefta!  Welcome to the 20-ish club!
  2. Chased sunset to Dago pt.1
  3. Chased sunset to Dago pt.2
  4. Silhouette taken by Aliefta, edited by me
College has been suck these days.  So many tasks, deadlines, and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome people are around me.  It had been though weeks, with negative mood, until these people kidnapped me.

These guys - Afif, Alief, and Novaldi - were people who accompanied my last weekend.
There was (and should had been) Fia too, the other girl in the circle.  It had been crazy three nights, and I was happy to spend my time with them.

Chasing sunset, stupid conversations, singing songs, stargazing, just doing anything that made us laugh, and felt young, all over again.


Get Lost

Get lost here,
Once again.

Between the lights,
And the sky that turns darker.

Get lost here,
Once again.

Here, people are busy,
Keeping themselves attached.
Here, we can get lost.
Without being known.

All pictures were taken and edited by me.