Two Stories & Warung Nagih's Date

Late post, yes it is.
Exactly a week ago, we were supposed to go to Dufan but unfortunately the weather said no to our plan.  Dufan was covered with flood, so it was impossible for us to go there.  It was such a pitiful moment because I (and the others from KMBU) had been excited to be in Dufan.

So, Desy, Tivani, and I decided to go for culinary day at one of the hippiest place in Bogor.

Two Stories

Everybody had been talked about the place.  I only saw it on Path, or Instagram.. until that day, I came there and saw everything by my own eyes.  Personal opinions?
  • The concept is great.  I love the way the place published its own figure, the rabbit.  It felt like Alice In Wonderland in urban life kind of design.
  • Food was okay, I ordered *forget the name* creamy potato.  It wasn't salty enough, but creamy so, okay.
  • The beverages are so various.  I only had lemon tea, but my friends ordered some fancy-looking chocolate beverages.
  • The place, interior design : 8/10
  • Foods & beverages : 6.5/10 (can be changed because I only ordered one menu) frnsc
Short, the place has become my favorite photo shoot place.


With Tivani

Desy & I

That "You can't sit with us"s bitch faces

Taken by Desy

Do you notice my not-so new haircut?  yes, it's shorter!

With Aji

 Yes, we did have a private photo session.  It was FUN!
After that, Aji, Kak Arie, Billy, Nana, and Memel joined us.  Because we were starving and needed another place to eat, we went to another hippy place in Bogor.

Warung Nagih
I had gone there for some times, and here is my personal opinion:
  • The place is quite cozy, but noisy.  Not because the people, but Warung Nagih has a big screen that plays concert videos.  The videos are pretty cool, Coldplay, Oasis, but the volume is often too loud, we have to scream sometimes.
  • The foods & beverages are fine, I like the cheesy beef bread!  But I don't really recommend you to buy a plate of Kue Cubit here.
  • The service, is slow, but the waiters are friendly, nice , and polite.
Short, the place is cozy enough for the social meeting (chit chats), but if you don't like too-crowded place, you won't like it.
Though, we had a great time in Warung Nagih.  It got merrier because many people joined us.


My day was great, although we didn't go to Dufan but we had "do fun" in those 2 places!


Start All Over Again

People do change, easily, and it's inevitable.

How was your holiday, guys?  Mine was life-changing, I have to put it in that words.

During my holiday, for 3 weeks, I worked my ass off for Unpad Goes to School (UGS) 2015.  I've joined a local community for the students from Bogor that study in University of Padjadjaran ever since a freshman.  Known as KMBU, stands from Komunitas Mahasiswa Bogor Unpad (Community of Bogor Unpad's Students).

I have never thought that I'd be involved deeply to this community until the UGS 2015 had done.  I was chosen to be a coordinator of program and ticketing for Try Out.  It wasn't a position that I wanted, I had never wanted to be a part of it.  Voluntary drown into this business, I did the job half-hearted-ly for the first week.

Woke up early, gathered in the Taman Kencana, went to the local high schools for university socialization, collected the money from the Try Out's payment, answered the texts from high school students (who were rude, sometimes), and so on.

Tired, and worn out.  I worked my ass off for the first 2 weeks, we were all like employees.  Woke up early, went home late.  Yet, I am still amazed by how some of my friends could manage their emotion, they never complained, though I could see it clearly they were tired

.  Therefore, I managed myself not to complain.

Until, all of it became routine.  I got used to be with the people from KMBU.  I got used to communicate with the juniors (batch 2014), talked with them, gossiped with them.  I got used to communicate with the seniors, surprisingly, because I was not close with them before.

The team!

Try out went really well, all the hard work we did was paid off.  At least, for me, personally.
I went back to Jatinangor again after that, and I have never thought that I'd spend most of my a week nights in Jatinangor with people from KMBU again.

What we did during spare time in UGS : took pictures
Went out to Bandung with these people, so much love!
My new circles!
It feels really good when you have another new circles in your social life.
Involved in different conversation, different people, how people trust to talk with you (just because they know that you're a psychology student), how I learn to work with people from another faculties, with different mindsets.

No later after that, I feel the urge to change.  3 weeks with intense communication with KMBU people made me realize that I was (am) blessed.  Look, those are new circles, look, I have so many circles around me, why do I often feel lonely?  I should not feel that, I had been doing everything wrong.

I had been warned by Kak Iqbal and Kak Agha about my bad habit in expressing my emotions, I have had enough of it and I feel like I have to change.  Discussion lasted for an hour with them via chat, they support me, they told me about things I have to change, and said they would be there for me whenever I wanted to talk about my feelings.

One thing I have realized,
Not everything you think is important to others.
And you don't have to have a lover to feel loved.

And now, I'm glad living my life, even happier than before.  I am making things to become real; I write things; poetry, this blog, and try to be discipline by write something at least a page for a day.  Become a member for local library, discuss things (not love) with my seniors, and read the books from different authors.

Life has been so great, and I have been blessed with things.  I had taken everything for granted and I think I am not late (yet), to start all over again.


February's On-Repeat Songs

Rainy days, the perfect description about our weather these days.  I was supposed to be in Dufan now, but too bad, the flood cancel it all.  Now I'm stuck at home, listening to these songs, and reading books.  My playlist has been influenced by media recently, like radio, and TV.  I decided to post my current on-repeat songs (Thinking Out Loud has been brutally on repeat).  
One song I really am fond of is the new song from Kodaline.  It's different with their first album songs, much better.  Dynamic, dramatic, the lyrics aren't as cheesy as the first album songs.

Also, some of songs that I have accidentally found!

Have a good day!


Thinking Out Loud

I recently figured out that there are certain ways to communicate in this world.
And even, ways to touch.

you speak in the frequency that human can reach, and hear.  The amplitude is certain, stable, and you can feel it through your ears.  The magnitude is slowly reaching the ear lobe, and vibrate the cochlea.  "How are you?" she may say it in the middle of the crowd, and you can still recognize that it's her.  The voice she has, her own frequency, will touch you, not only through your ears, but also your brain,
And your heart.

you write in the alphabet that people look familiar at.  The alphabet, the A-B-Cs that you had memorized when you were 3 (or maybe even, 2?).  You write in the words that you speak with your voice, you write under the same pressure as your frequency reaches.  The thickness of the words you have written on the paper, resembles every part of your emotion that wants to be captured.
Ah, words!  Too bad sometimes you forget the power of the words you have written, before you have spoken.  Words you want to write, or speak, those are kept inside your brain, between the right and left hemisphere.  The right hemisphere wants you to express it, but the left want to put it rightly.  You can not stand of yourself sometimes because of words, can you?
And once you write, the words on the paper with touch her eyes.  Through her lens, the pupils may get thinner, and she will have to control her breathing just by the arrangements of the alphabets you have made.

Oh, dear the thought is the loudest among all.
you can lower your voice in your thought, but you can also make your voice in your thought louder at the same time.  Has it killed you the way more than blades could?  Thought can be cruel sometimes, words it has is louder, and meaner than the words you write on your hateful essay.  Thought can be louder than the voices you make, even can make you lost your hearing just by listening to your own thoughts.
Honey, so why did Ed Sheeran title his song with 'Thinking Out Loud'?
Maybe because he knew, clearly, that is not only words, or voices can touch your brain and heart, but also thoughts.  That is why he has written Thinking Out Loud, as the outline of how he deeply feels about someone, despite of everything she has.

The world is a strange place where the unseen, and unheard has the most powerful effect.


Midnight Thoughts Running

Last night I had a weird dream.

I was at 3 different places.
First, I was sitting on my bed.  It was covered with white sheet, clean, and sleek.  I sat on the side of my bed, and there was my Aunt.  My aunt was sitting in front of computer, writing an e-mail that was addressed to me.  She didn't even glance to me, she was focus writing.
My room was not my own room.  It was dark, with a yellowish light from my desk.  The room was small, surrounded by book shelves, and the bed was different than the one that I have in my room/rent room.

And suddenly I was at the restaurant, sitting on the long dinner table.  There were some pastas, and juices in front of me.  Mine was pasta, and green tea latte.  I was talking someone who sat next to me, a girl, and suddenly, my foods were gone.  The restaurant itself was dark, and same with my room - yellowish light.

The last dream, I was back sitting on my bed again, I was confused.  The whole dream was dark, with dim-yellowish light.

The dream was pretty much weird because I had never had a dark-background dream before, as far as I can remember.  And there was my Aunt, she had been unconscious for 2 years, and it shocked me she was there in my dream.  Wrote an E-mail for me..

And I feel like crying, and talking to someone who can just calm me,
I really wish I had someone every time I am busy, and overwhelmed with this feeling.